The Gifted and Talented Development Centre

The Gifted and Talented Development Centre (henceforth TK) was founded more than 30 years ago at Tartu University. The main aim of TK is to give talented students in math and sciences from all over Estonia guidance in their pursuit for self-realization and to organize additional schooling. TK is an opportunity for self-development for students with deep interest in mathematics, physics (and astronomy), chemistry or computer science, whose local schools do not provide sufficient opportunities for developing their interests.

At present, the students of TK are divided into 3 levels:

The work of TK is carried out mainly via E-mail and ordinary mail. The students are sent study materials together with control exercises. They send their solutions to TK. After checking and reviewing, the solutions are sent back to the students. In addition to correspondence studies, TK organizes lecture days and study sessions, and training camps for the teams of international olympiads. The number of students in the 3 levels of TK is nearly 1,500.

In order to foster the extra-curricular activities concerning exact sciences in the schools of the republic, TK organizes different contests and quizzes. In addition to that, TK organizes national olympiads in mathematics, physics, chemistry, informathics, biology and geography. Annual open contests in solving mathematics, physics, chemistry and programming problems, chemistry and physics quizzes, mathematics quiz «Nuputa» (Figure it out) for teams of elementary school students etc, have already become a tradition, gathering thousands of participants. Also, TK supervises the international mathematics contest «Känguru» (Kangaroo) in Estonian schools in co-operation with assotiation "L'Kangourou Sans Frontieres".

Since 1992, when independent Estonia joined the movement of international science olympiads organized under the umbrella of the UNESCO, Estonian teams trained in TK have won nearly 40 medals and diplomas in international olympiads.

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